Birdathon Count Teams — Getting Started

The Birdathon is not just about guided field trips — it’s about birding and fund raising for our chapter.  If an organized trip is not for you, put together your own team or go out by yourself and see what you can see! Compete with your friends to see how many species you can find!

Last year our many count participants came up with a wide range of activities.  Matt Victoria and Sheri Lubin had quite an adventure on their “Big Day” and saw over 170 species!  Team Tipsy Chicks, led by Liz Muraoka, raised over $700 for Santa Barbara Audubon during Birdathon week.  Altogether we saw 202 species, raised over $7,000 for Santa Barbara Audubon, and had a lot of fun doing it!

Guidelines on how to participate:

  • Register your team or yourself online at  The minimum registration amount is $20 for an individual or a team.  Come up with a fun name for your team, if you’d like!
  • Pick places to bird.  This could be your backyard, a park, the mountains — any place you like to bird.  Record how many species you see or hear.
  • Ask your family and friends to donate to Santa Barbara Audubon for your endeavor.  They can either make a donation amount per bird (i.e. — 10 cents per species.  “Oh, you saw 40 different species?  I’ll donate $4 to Audubon.”)  or just a flat amount (i.e. — “I’ll donate $15 to Santa Barbara Audubon for your effort”).  There is no limit to the amount that you can raise.  We have some forms and donation request letters to help you — it’s that easy!
  • You decide how long you want to go birding.  You can go a couple of hours, a day, or several times during the week.  The idea is to get outside and bird our beautiful area and at the same time support Santa Barbara Audubon.
  • Your donations can be made by cash, check, or online by credit card (via this website, You may also bring your donations to the Wrap-up Picnic at Stow Grove Park in Goleta, Sunday, May 4, 1-3 pm.
  • You do not have to be a member of Santa Barbara Audubon to participate.
  • You must register to have your totals included in the final results of the Birdathon.  You may also register at the Wrap-up Picnic with a $20 minimum donation.


Here are some optional tools to help you solicit and track your pledges:

1.  You could send a letter — such as the one below — to your friends and family.

Dear Friends and Family,

I am excited to be supporting the Santa Barbara Audubon Society (SBAS) by participating in their Birdathon fundraiser, April 26 – May 4, 2014. I will spend time searching the county to count as many different species of birds as I can.

Santa Barbara Audubon has a long history of environmental involvement in our area. Coal Oil Point Preserve and Arroyo Hondo Preserve are examples of our habitat restoration program. We have aided in Sensitive Species Protection through the Snowy Plover Program and the White-tailed Kite Monitoring Program. Through the Eyes in the Sky Education Program, we have conducted hands-on, in-class activities and presentations to schoolchildren, teaching them about birds, wildlife and the environment.

And this is where you come in — won’t you help support SBAS’ education and conservation programs by making a pledge? I will greatly appreciate any amount, no matter what size. Your pledge can be a set donation, a per species amount, or a per species amount with a limit. You can send your donation to me, the check made out to SBAS. You can also make a donation online at

Thank you for sponsoring me with a tax-deductible pledge!


Birdathon Team Member


2.  This form (PDF) will help you track your pledges:

Pledge Tracking Sheet