Santa Barbara Final Results of 114th CBC

The Santa Barbara Christmas Bird Count website has been updated not only with our official submitted totals (“Latest Count Results”), but also with a tab showing a summary of our counts from 1991 onward (“Historical Since 1991”) where you may look up the average number of birds reported by decade, among other things.

Our overall species total for this year remains at 222, with 37,484 individual birds counted. Our overall number of species detected since 1990 is 310.

Thanks again goes to our birding community for a great count!

2 Responses to “Santa Barbara Final Results of 114th CBC”

  1. Jim Greaves

    I wonder why “prior to 1990” CBC results are not considered of importance, historically, or scientifically… That is the impression with which I am left by SBAS seemingly excluding them from consideration, or importance to current and future generations of bird-watchers and volunteer CBC “counters”.

    • Jared Dawson

      The exclusion of older years’ results is by no means suggestive of lack of value. All data is available at the National Audubon’s site. However, to present it in the manner that I did on our website requires many hours of patient labor of collection, error-checking, and normalization of data. I decided that the last twenty years are the most pertinent data due to currency for general interest. As a volunteer already heavily involved with the count, I was pleased to be able to accomplish what I did.


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