Guidance in Protecting our Birds

Resources for beginning birders:

National Audubon’s Birding page  and Guide to North American Birds

Museum Backyard & Nature Club House has several documents on local birding places and techniques

Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s All About Birds page

And, of course, all the other links on this page!

Local downloadable documents:

Paul Lehman’s “The Birds of Santa Barbara County, California” now usually updated yearly is now being hosted on SBCOBirding. This is THE birding bible for the county. Available as an ebook or pdf and can be loaded to your mobile device for field reference.

BIRDS of Santa Barbara County CHECKLIST
The official checklist of Santa Barbara county birds created by Dave Compton and Joan Lentz in 2006 (now a bit antiquated).

Eco-Dog’s Beach Guide 
SBAS’s pamphlet on the hows and the whys we want to have bird friendly beaches and where dog friendly beaches are located

Guide to Bird-Friendly Vegetation Trimming
SBAS’s guide on the Why, When and What to look for before trimming vegetation.

Sites where you can find great resources for birding locally:


Jamie Chavez’s excellent website,,  on all things birding in Santa Barbara County. Bird lists, where to bird guides, links to dozens of resources.

eBird Bird Observations in Santa Barbara CountyList of birds known in Santa Barbara County showing frequency of occurrence and relative abundance

Rare Birds of Santa Barbara County photo page. A Flickr photos page of rare species seen in Santa Barbara County.

Santa Barbara County Birding The ListServer. for Santa Barbara County. Join this group to access current sightings and trip reports by birders in the county.

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History LogoSanta Barbara Museum of Natural History Santa Barbara Audubon Society has an excellent relationship with the museum. This is where our Eyes in the Sky rehabilitated raptors live and are available for public viewing every day the museum is open. The museum has an excellent bird hall that is definitely worth looking into as well as many excellent exibits and activities for the whole family.

50 Great Public Lands Destinations – Santa Barbara and Beyond

Other items of interest:

Hugh Ranson’s The Dragonflies of Santa Barbara County handout

Downloadable “Quick Finders” to ID Warblers at CornellLabs

Other Websites of Interest:


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