Author: Jeff Hanson

Visitors Big Day Supports SBAS

Upon awakening to the alarm at 3 a.m., I wondered out loud what in the heck did I get myself into? Going back several weeks, Dolores had received an interesting proposal from an East Coast birder. Anthony and his wife Nicole were looking to find four species to further complete his list. All could be… Read more »

SBAS Makes a Splash at the GSD Open House

The Goleta Sanitary District (GSD) plant site is a well known and documented birding hotspot. Records go back to 1975, and currently sit at over 160 species. Management and staff have been very kind to the birding community over all these years, including opening the facility for us to conduct our Christmas Bird Counts. When… Read more »

Why I Volunteer at “Eyes In The Sky”

A post on last year’s SB Birding listserv caught my eye: “Eyes In The Sky’s” Director, Gabriele Drozdowski was asking for volunteer birders to open up the shutters of the newly-built aviary in the morning, to let the birds greet the day – and to also interpret the birds to Museum visitors in the mornings…. Read more »