The Conservation Committee acts locally to advocate for strong protections for birds and bird habitat, with an emphasis on riparian areas and regional open spaces. We do this through a variety of means, including providing expert knowledge, thorough analysis and public comment, meetings with local officials, and outreach through our supporters. We welcome your interest and involvement.

The Conservation and Science Committees meet jointly on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM via Zoom.

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Save the Coronado Seep! Follow up

Many thanks to the numerous birders who turned out at a City of Goleta hearing on November 9. They advocated for changes to the Rancho Estates Mobile Home Park Fire Improvements Project in order to save the Coronado Seep. SBAS representatives urged the City to select the more environmentally-friendly Alternative 2, as well as address… Read more »

Save the Coronado Seep!

Testify on Wednesday, November 9th, 5:30PM in Goleta City Council Chambers!   The City of Goleta has released a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Rancho Estates Mobile Home Park Fire Improvements Project. The proposed fire road would be built on top of the bank of Devereux Creek, near the Coronado seep, one of… Read more »

Shelby Development Temporarily Suspended

by Steve Ferry Santa Barbara Audubon recently announced that SBAS had joined a coalition of Santa Barbara County community and environmental organizations called the Shelby Foothills Coalition (SFC). SFC advocates for the preservation of land zoned for agriculture on the South Coast to maintain open space and bird habitat.  SFC was formed from community concerns… Read more »


THE SHELBY FOOTHILLS COALITION FORMS TO OPPOSE THE SHELBY DEVELOPMENT PLAN Press Release 2016-04-20 Today a coalition of Santa Barbara County organizations is announcing the formation of the Shelby Foothills Coalition (SFC). SFC is the product of a series of meetings to discuss community challenges engendered by the proposal to build 60 high-end houses on… Read more »

Our Busy Conservation Committee

by Cherie Topper [Editor’s note: This is the full article referred to on page 1 of El Tecolote April/May 2016.] Have you ever wondered what our Conservation Committee is up to? You may be surprised to discover both the volume and the variety of our activities in the community on SBAS’s behalf. We are fortunate… Read more »