El Tecolote

Here you will find links to our El Tecolote (ET) newsletter in color. Some articles in ET are too long to fit in the printed edition, the full length articles can be found below.

We are fortunate to have online an archival history of our newsletter from the present day back to when Santa Barbara Audubon Society was a Bird Study Group at the Santa Barbara Museum Of Natural History in 1963.

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El Tecolote Summer 2018


Santa Barbara Audubon Society’s Summer issue of El Tecolote is now available. In this issue:  • The annual membership picnic • Board members we are losing • Conservation Committee • The SBAS overlook at NCOS • EITS news • Upcoming Field Trips, Friday Bird Walks, Programs and other events The annual membership picnic Board members we are losing Conservation Committee… Read more »

Breeding Bird Study of Santa Barbara County

by Adrian O’Loghlen [Editor’s note: This is the full article referred to on page 3 of El Tecolote September-November 2016.] One of the most informative approaches for assessing how the rapid and extensive development of urban and rural lands affects local bird populations is to monitor the breeding activity of species that have historically bred… Read more »

Our Busy Conservation Committee

by Cherie Topper [Editor’s note: This is the full article referred to on page 1 of El Tecolote April/May 2016.] Have you ever wondered what our Conservation Committee is up to? You may be surprised to discover both the volume and the variety of our activities in the community on SBAS’s behalf. We are fortunate… Read more »

The SBAS Tree Swallow Nest Box Project

Air BNB Audubon Style By Steven Senesac [Editor’s note: This is the full article referred to on page 3 of El Tecolote April/May 2016.] Introduction The Tree Swallow is a cavity nester that naturally nests in tree cavities (often made by woodpeckers). Human development frequently removes many trees and those that remain are often groomed… Read more »