Tree Swallows were extirpated (locally extinct) from the south coast of Santa Barbara County until Santa Barbara Audubon brought them back with nest boxes. Help monitor the success of Tree Swallows at Lake Los Carneros with this hands on program!

Volunteers Needed: Hands On Citizen Science Intro

Citizen Science White-tailed Kite photo by Ken Phenicie Jr., Tree Swallow photos by Jeff Simeon

Thursday, Feb. 27, 7 – 8:30 PM at CCBER.

When is the last time you got to help birds in a hands on way?

Santa Barbara Audubon needs your help to protect, monitor and compile scientific data about birds in our area. These include our White-tailed Kite program, our Tree Swallow Nest Box program and our Black Phoebe program at Arroyo Hondo. … Continue Reading

Tree Swallow Nest Box Projects in Santa Barbara

Opportunities to Learn Nesting Biology While Improving Our Environment

By Don Schroeder and Dave Eldridge



In October, 2004, the Santa Barbara Audubon Society (SBAS) hosted a presentation by Jan Wasserman on the Tree Swallow nest box projects at sites around Ventura. She shared her experience with setting up and conducting these projects. She and a small band of volunteers have been able to establish nesting sites for this species which had previously dropped to the status of being a rare breeder in Ventura and SB Counties. … Continue Reading