The first time I met Ivan I was in awe, and the first time he stepped onto my glove, I felt like the luckiest person alive. He was the bird who drew me to EITS, and whether or not I was taking him out on a given day, I looked forward to seeing him…he was always so calm and majestic. Words can’t adequately express the feeling at his loss, and while  I’m glad to know he’s now at peace, his absence will be deeply felt. It was an honor to know him.

- Scott
What I'd like to say about Ivan, is that I found him intimidating at first when I came to EITS, but with time I became more and more comfortable with him. 

It got to the point, after working with him for a while that I would actually chuckle and talk to him when he'd make me hustle after him in his aviary in order to catch him.  I mean I wouldn't actually run, but I'd follow him....then just when I felt his jesses were within reach, I'd grab for them. Sometimes he'd just barely evade my glove's grasp.  Sometimes he'd allow me to win, and I'd gently guide him up onto my glove.

Rather than Ivan the Terrible, I looked at him as an avian Jessie James.  If I worked with him for 3 or 4 weeks running, he'd be a real cool cat and just walk from his perch onto my glove.  I loved those golden moments.  What started out irritating me about Ivan, in the end is what endeared me to him:  He had a mind of his own and loved messing with all of us, from time to time, who had the pleasure of taking him out.  I also adored his beautiful sturdy body, his independence and even the side-eye he'd occasionally give ya while on your arm.  He had a big personality, and that's what I'll miss the most.

I'm glad he had a long life, amidst a gang of folks who loved him and looked out for him.

- Gail