Field Trip: Las Cruzitas Ranch


Date & Time

Saturday, November 19, 2022
8:30 am - 1:00 pm

Location: Las Cruzitas Ranch

1100 Alisos Rd, Santa Ynez, CA 93460

Join SBAS and Cruz Phillips when we visit her bird friendly working ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley.

We will do everything we can for a safe experience, but COVID is always a risk. Additionally, SBAS may decide to cancel events should pandemic conditions warrant it. For these reasons, we ask that:

– All attendees be vaccinated, each participant bring a mask to the event, and social distancing be practiced to the greatest extent practicable.
– Masks be worn in car pool situations.
– Prior to attending any bird walk or field trip, please go to for directions and event updates.

Target Birds

– Goldfinch
– Bunting
– Rufous-crowned Sparrow
– Phainopepla
– Yellow-billed Magpie
– Prairie Falcon
– Nuthatch
– Hummingbirds
– Golden Eagle
– etc.

Trip Leader: Cruz Phillips


– Take Hwy 154 to Armour Ranch Road (just north of the Santa Ynez River bridge, 3.3 miles west of the Bradbury Dam turnoff)
– Turn north east (the only way you can turn)
– Follow Armour Ranch Road for 1.4 miles
– Turn right on Happy Canyon Road
– We will initially meet at the corner of Happy Canyon & Alisos Ave for some birding
– After 2.4 miles turn right on Alisos Avenue
– After 0.7 miles the pavement ends at a cattle guard
– Continue 2.6 miles over 2 more cattle guards to the barn and ranch

Map: Las Cruzitas Ranch

We’ll  bird near the ranch house for about 2 hours where there is bird habitat and a large number of feeders. Then we will take an easy walk around the general area and perhaps a tour of a canyon. Car poolers usually stop at the corner of Alisos Ave and Happy Canyon Road for a few minutes of birding there.

Other Information

– Bring water, snack or lunch
– Wear comfortable shoes
– Bring a hat
– Binoculars a must, spotting scopes are useful

Trip Coordinator

Rob Lindsay 

Contact Rob for questions or additional information

Sponsored By Santa Barbara Audubon Society

Photo courtesy Jeffrey Hanson