Program: Conservation and Drought in the Central Valley: Challenges and Opportunity

Date & Time

Wednesday, January 26, 2022
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Xerónimo Castañeda will talk about the conservation projects he is working on with Audubon California, focused on habitat restoration and enhancement, developing multi-benefit management progams for Central Valley wetlands, agricultural operations, and groundwater recharge projects, to benefit birds and people.
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In addition, Xerónimo is the lead for Audubon’s Tricolored Blackbird conservation program in the Central Valley.

Current projects Xerónimo are involved with at Audubon are:

1 protecting at-risk Tricolored Blackbird colonies
2 developing multi-benefit groundwater recharge projects to benefit people and birds
3 coordinating a new drought relief program with wetland managers in the Delta and San Joaquin Valley

Presented by Xerónimo Castañeda

Xerónimo Castañeda is a Conservation Project Manager with Audubon California. A native of California, Xerónimo has lived and worked from Monterey to Arcata, with short adventures along the east coast. He eventually found his way to Sacramento to work with Audubon California. Away from work, Xerónimo spends time working on his new home, riding bikes, cooking, and of course birding.


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Meeting ID: 838 4304 7977
Passcode: 100289
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