Program - Goleta Coast Audubon Society - a new Student Chapter of the Audubon Society at UCSB

Date & Time

Wednesday, September 22, 2021
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Program Description

Tonight’s program will explore Goleta Coast Audubon Society’s (GCAS) initial projects, present activities, and future opportunities to engage students with birds and conservation related issues. GCAS is UCSB’s birdwatching and conservation club, founded in 2019. GCAS is actively working towards connecting the UCSB student population with birding and conservation in the wider Santa Barbara region and beyond. GCAS is a registered campus organization at UCSB and an official campus chapter of the National Audubon Society. GCAS membership is composed of both undergraduate and graduate students, and the chapter organizes birding walks, conservation projects, and advocacy initiatives. GCAS’s mission is to protect wildlife and the habitat it needs to thrive, while engaging and educating students and the public on science and conservation issues pertaining to birds.

Presented by Conor McMahon

Conor McMahon is a graduate student in the Geography Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara and the President of GCAS. Conor grew up in Houston, TX, and was introduced to birding in an ornithology course at the University of Texas at Austin. He quickly became hooked and has since been lucky to bird widely in the US, but especially in Texas and Southern California. After receiving a Bachelors of Science in Biology and Mechanical Engineering from UT, he had the opportunity to teach the same course which got him started birding in 2019 during his Masters. Moving to Goleta and UCSB in 2019, he became active in Santa Barbara Audubon’s Conservation Committee and founded GCAS in 2020. He has since helped start several ongoing GCAS conservation initiatives and is always looking for ways to introduce new people to the birding community.


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