Initial CBC Results for 2020/21

Preliminary Count is 205 species! Watch the compilation event!

Greetings birders,
Thanks to all who participated in yesterday’s Santa Barbara CBC—for following Audubon’s protocols, and mostly for starting the new year off with a dose of much-needed birding good news and virtual fellowship.

Now we begin the work of corralling all the data! Attention eBirders: please don’t forget to share your checklists with sb-cbc in eBird. And for all who participated, if you haven’t already, please send your data and participant forms (Word or other) to your compiler as soon as possible so we can get to work.

To quickly recap the results: we ended the evening somewhere around 205 species, which is of course a preliminary total. Some of the highlights have been posted by others to this list, and please share here if you have more. I will post a more detailed account in a few days when we’ve had a chance to comb through the data. It was a memorable day—on many levels. Thank you to Santa Barbara Audubon and the talented birding community for supporting the effort!

Rebecca Coulter
SB CBC Compiler