Projects and Goals November 2020

SBAS is actively working on many projects related to our three main focus areas: education, conservation, and science.  This column will be updated regularly with an overview of selected current projects and goals (project list is not all-inclusive).  Likewise, the goals summarize what each SBAS committee is working towards with occasional opportunities for member involvement.

From the desk of Katherine Emery, Executive Director

Current Projects


Providing new adapted socially distant education & outreach programs to serve community during Covid
  • Creating new Learning & Additional Resources webpages with education materials: videos, birdcalls & field guides.
  • Bringing Eyes in the Sky (EITS) raptor ambassadors to local schools via Zoom for 30-45 min presentations. (Contact email hidden; JavaScript is required for pricing.)
  • Providing adapted monthly Evening Programs.
  • Reintroducing redesigned in-person raptor outreach at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.
  • Circulate SBAS Learning Resources and EITS video.
  • Provide new interactive online Meet Your Wild Neighbor (MYWN) curriculum to 12 local 1st-3rd grade classrooms in the 2020-21 school year.
  • Adapt and deliver new SBAS Zoom outreach program to retirement communities and other audiences.
  • Continue work with UCSB Goleta Coast Audubon.
  • Meeting with agency decision-makers, providing public comments, and signing local conservation letters to promote bird, habitat, and biodiversity protections.
  • Using science to inform decision making for bird protections and habitat for Goleta creeks and watersheds and City of Santa Barbara Community Wildfire Protection Plan.
  • Reminding agencies that fuels reduction (trimming & removal of vegetation/trees/habitat) should occur during non-breeding times, specifically during months ending with “r”: September, October, November, December. (Sent 80 Tree Trimming letters Oct. 2020).
  • Build advocacy to protect local open spaces, wetlands, bird habitats, and ecosystems.
  • Collaborate with Goleta Parks & Open Space Manager, SB County Flood Control staff, and others to preserve birdlife and habitat at regional open spaces (e.g., Lake Los Carneros (LLC) & Ellwood), creek corridors, and Coal Oil Point Reserve (COPR).
  • Continue promoting the use of Santa Barbara County Breeding Bird Study records as a tool to inform land management and resource planning.
  • Work with City of Goleta to consider the use of raptor perch at LLC to control pests and prevent use of rodenticides.
  • Exploring community science outreach about Nest Box monitoring at LLC: study of Tree Swallows (TRES) and Western Bluebirds (WEBL) breeding.
  • Processing aquatic invertebrate data for COPR and North Campus Open Space to provide quantitative data in support of understanding and evaluating ecosystem health.
  • Processing White-tailed Kite breeding data from February through September; 11 nesting events produced a minimum of 14 young.
  • Plan 2021 Nest Box monitoring & related outreach.
  • Promote 2021 Winter Bird Count For Kids community science event at LLC. (Moved to April.)
  • Explore research and conservation fund to protect Purple Martins.
  • Welcome more volunteer Kite Watchers to assist tracking kites and other raptors in open spaces in 2021. (Contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.)