A link to a map showing our boundary is HERE. Note, on touch screens use the “+” and “-” buttons to zoom in and out, and one finger to pan the map.

The most accurate field-level check on our boundary (assuming that your GPS gathering device is accurate) is to set a GPS waypoint to our circle’s center: 34.451248, -119.762698, and then make sure that the distance to this point is equal to or under 7.5 miles.

If you have a “smart device” there is an effective app called “Count Circle,” by Stevens Creek Software, which shows on your device the boundary, along with your current location (if your device is set up for GPS location service). Count Circle includes the complete National Audubon database of CBCs (updated as of October 2014), with a total of 2646 different count circles in 89 different states and territories including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, and Antarctica. Lookup and display any count circle on an interactive map, and find out exactly what is (and is not) included in the circle. This is not a free app, but it is a relatively small cost. HOWEVER, apparently the default center point that is provided for our circle is slightly shaded to the west, so if it’s close, please use the method advised above, if at all possible. To put it in more physical terms, the Coronado ‘seep’ is just in (7.488 miles from center), and the Newport ‘puddle’ is not (7.568 miles). In Montecito, almost all of Manning Park on the WEST side of San Ysidro Road is just in.