CBC bird Collage

The forms below are now current for CBC 121 (January 2, 2021).


Note that no paper forms will be accepted this year – only submit data by email of electronic forms or photo/scan of paper form!


Forms for Data Submission

1.  SB CBC Species List Form for electronic reporting  (One-column, Word doc). For submitting species data, your only options are to use eBird or this Word checklist that can be filled out electronically

2. New simplified participant form (to be used by everyone, including eBirders)

3. CBC Rare Bird Documentation Form; This is a pdf form which can be filled out on your computer and emailed directly to your area compiler. 

Forms for Reference Only (not for data submission)

1. Three-column SB CBC Species lists with new taxonomy order (familiar old format, but not for submission)

2. Printable Guide for Participants a reference for filling out the participant information

3. Guide for Participants explaining party miles and hours