CBC bird Collage

The forms below are now current for CBC 122 (January 1, 2022).


Note that no paper forms will be accepted this year – only submit data by email of electronic forms or photo/scan of paper form!


Methods/Forms for Data Submission

1A. Species Submission by eBird (preferred method)
   – eBird your checklists (one list for each site, use hotspots if available).
   – Share your checklists with user sb-cbc in eBird when submitting.
   – Complete participant form.  Include your checklist links on this form in space provided.

1B. Species Submission by Word checklist (not the preferred method): 
   – Complete the SB CBC Species List Form (one-column MS Word checklist)
   – Complete the embedded participant/effort section at bottom of checklist form

2. Participant form (for eBirders)

3. CBC Rare Bird Documentation Form; This is a pdf form which can be filled out on your computer and emailed directly to your area compiler. 

Forms for Reference Only (not for data submission)

1. Three-column SB CBC Species lists with new taxonomy order (familiar old format, but not for submission)

2. Printable Guide for Participants a reference for filling out the participant information

3. Guide for Participants explaining party miles and hours