The Breeding Bird Study is a table in Excel .csv format which provides a database of accounts of breeding bird records in Santa Barbara County. As of 30 Nov 2019 there are close to 181 breeding species among more than 8000 breeding records in the database. This effort, which began as a way to preserve historical field notes from UCSB environmental contract sites, now contains input from many local observers and is expanding to request input from all our local birders past and present.

This effort is being sponsored by:

  • The Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration at UCSB
  • The Santa Barbara Audubon Society

It is also a labor of love of:

  • Mark Holmgren
  • Adrian O’Loghlen

To submit your own breeding observations:

Mark and Adrian, the database administrators, request that observations of breeding behavior be submitted by one of the following methods:

Instructions are on each form as to how to fill in data fields and where to send the data once the form is complete. Forms can be saved with your personal data intact for easier and more expedient submittal.

The video below is a tutorial on using the Online submittal facility, how to use AcmeMapper to get sighting coordinates and how to properly size photos for submittal.

To mine data in the data base:

On December 3, 2019 Google discontinued Google Fusion Tables (GFT). GFT is no longer available on the web. As such any mining of the data is currently (hopefully not permanently) up to the user of the data. The data is available by contacting email hidden; JavaScript is required.

The data can be loaded into a GIS program (best to use a desktop computer for this) and explored very similarly to the GFT. One example of this is the Open Source and free QGIS application. I (the webmaster) have successfully created a project to view the the BBS data using this tool.