Welcome to the NEW Santa Barbara Audubon Website!

Over the last few months, and with some generous donations from our membership, Santa Barbara Audubon has built a new website!

The new website is a blog, which we are really excited about. This means that all of our great activities, volunteering opportunities, articles from El Tecolote and our advocacy work will be on display as they are going on. If you like the work you’re seeing us do, please help us by pressing on the bright new donate button!

If you would like to know more, you can continue reading.

Activities Section

All of our great Friday Bird Walks, Programs and Field trips are listed under the Activities section. We’ll also have articles about the numerous local Christmas Bird Counts and our Annual Picnic coverage.

News Section

This is where you’ll see articles from El Tecolote, or download PDF copies from our ET Archives. Also see what coverage we’re getting in the local papers, because yes that happens! We’ll also occasionally post Birding News, though SBCO Birding does a great job of this already.

Volunteer Section

Having an engaged membership is one of the things we’re most proud of at Santa Barbara Audubon. This section shows you news about our citizen science projects, including our White Tailed Kite and Tree Swallow Nest Box projects, and how you can help do hands on restoration or bird monitoring locally. You can also find out more about Eyes in the Sky in this section too.

Advocacy Section

We don’t just do work to protect the birds, we make sure other agencies and our local government does as well. This section covers our Conservation efforts, our Science outreach and research projects, and our Education efforts locally as well.

About Us Section

Read our Mission Statement. Learn who the Board of Directors are and reach out to us. Join our membership and become more engaged! Donate to us so we can remain a strong voice for bird conservation and protection locally.

What do you think?

We know that change is hard, but we think this website will be a great improvement. Just to show you one more way, you can leave us comments below about what you think of the new website. We’ve got some more changes underway including an event calendar, so keep up with us and see what the future holds.