Eyes in the Sky is a Santa Barbara Audubon community education outreach program. It presents seven formerly injured birds of prey, native to our area, to children and adults throughout the greater Santa Barbara area. The birds’ live presence and their unique stories of survival following conflict with human activities, educate about impacts of human actions, good and bad, and foster respect and understanding for wild species and their habitats. Eyes in the Sky presents programs in classrooms, camps, after-school programs, and at community events.

The birds can be seen up close between 2 and 4 PM every day during their daily outdoor enrichment time at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History’s “Back Yard”, or on the main campus.

For more information, please visit Eyes in the Sky’s website, or email/call info@eyesinthesky.org, 805-259-1446.

Why I Volunteer at “Eyes In The Sky”

Jeff Hanson

A post on last year’s SB Birding listserv caught my eye: “Eyes In The Sky’s” Director, Gabriele Drozdowski was asking for volunteer birders to open up the shutters of the newly-built aviary in the morning, to let the birds greet the day – and to also interpret the birds to Museum visitors in the mornings. The aviary is located in the museum’s “Back Yard”, an oak woodland behind McVeigh House, where a variety of wild birds also live.

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SB Independent: Eyes on Gabriele

Santa Barbara Audubon Society is very pleased that The Santa Barbara Independent chose Gabriele Drozdowski as one of its local heroes. If there’s anyone who deserves it, it’s Gabriele! She has worked tirelessly to make Audubon’s Eyes in the Sky (EITS) program the success that it is. Audubon is proud to have raised the money, through extensive efforts of its board and members, to build the aviary for the EITS raptors at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.