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Here you will find links to our El Tecolote (ET) newsletter in color. Some articles in ET are too long to fit in the printed edition, the full length articles can be found below.

We are fortunate to have online an archival history of our newsletter from the present day back to when Santa Barbara Audubon Society was a Bird Study Group at the Santa Barbara Museum Of Natural History in 1963.

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cat on railing

THE MAN-CAVES AND SHE-SHEDS FOR OUR FELINE FRIENDS By Lisa Nelms [Editor’s note: This is the full article referred to on page 7 of El Tecolote June-August 2020.] Sobered to learn that three billion birds have been lost in North America in the past fifty years, I wondered how individual citizens can help mitigate this… Read more »

El Tecolote Spring 2020

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Santa Barbara Audubon Society’s Spring issue of El Tecolote is now available. In this issue:  • Results of the 120 Christmas Bird Count • The highlights of the 6th Annual Winter Bird Count for Kids • Executive Director highlights • Meet our student representative • Science and conservation news • Report on the Strauss Wind Project • West coast survey of… Read more »

Finding a Silver Lining and a Call to Action – The 120th Christmas Bird Count


By Rebecca Coulter, Liz Muraoka, Joan Murdoch, & Libby Patten [Editor’s note: This is the full article referred to on page 1 of El Tecolote March-May 2020.] Let’s just get this on the table: North American birds are in trouble. In late January, Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg spoke at the Museum of… Read more »

Santa Barbara Audubon Society – Nest Box Program

Nest for tree swallows

By Steve Senesac – Science Chair [Editor’s note: This is the full article referred to on page 5 of El Tecolote March-May 2020.] Brief History In 2004, Jan Wasserman presented the Tree Swallow Nest Box Program that she was doing in Ventura.  This ignited the interest of some our members at that time, David Kissner,… Read more »

What Audubon Accomplished on the Strauss Wind Project


By Steve Ferry, Project Leader [Editor’s note: This is the full article referred to on page 6 of El Tecolote March-May 2020.] The Strauss Wind Energy Project is a wind farm slated to be built on 3,000 acres of range land about four miles south of the city of Lompoc. The project will comprise 29… Read more »