Eyes in the Sky

Eyes in the Sky is a Santa Barbara Audubon community education outreach program. It presents six native birds of prey, rehabilitated from injuries in the wild, to children and adults throughout the greater Santa Barbara area. The birds’ unique stories of survival educate about impacts of human actions on wildlife. Eyes in the Sky presents programs in classrooms, camps, after-school programs, and at community events.

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Eyes In The Sky

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  Eyes in the Sky volunteers are dedicated group of over 40 community members from all walks of life. Some have never worked with birds before; others have extensive experience. All our raptor-handler volunteers are primarily educators. They are the public face of Eyes in the Sky and Santa Barbara Audubon, engaging the public in… Read more »


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Eyes in the Sky offers three main types of programs: “Greeting” style of presentation, where attendees can meet the birds and handlers up-close at their own preferred pace. More than one bird may be presented at a time. Attendees are engaged one-on-one or in small groups, and the presentation style leaves ample space for question-and-answer,… Read more »

Our Birds

Max Max is a Great horned owl (Bubo virginianus). Great horned owls are the largest owls found in North America. If you hear the hooting “hoo, hoo, hoo” of an owl at night, you are most likely hearing a Great horned owl. Max’s disability is that he is imprinted: he thinks he is human, or that… Read more »

About EITS

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Santa Barbara Audubon’s premier educational outreach program Eyes in the Sky (EITS) has been Santa Barbara Audubon’s key wildlife education program since 2000. It features six birds of prey that serve as education ambassadors: three owls, two falcons, and a hawk. The EITS birds are in our care because they cannot survive in the wild…. Read more »

SB Newspress Trail Quest Features Meet Your Wild Neighbor

The Santa Barbara News Press has a regular feature call Trail Quest by James Wapotich. The Monday May 16, 2016 edition on page A3 features Meet Your Wild Neighbor. You can read the article HERE if you are a subscriber.