Program: Wildlife in the American West-And the Best is in California


Wednesday, March 23, 2016, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us in March for an evening with wildlife photographer Brendt Paul!

Date & Time

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm



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Brent Paull-Photographer


Photo: Family Album

Brent’s presentation will feature about 300 of his favorite wildlife images, as well as photography tips, and stories from his photo safaris. He often touches upon photography field tactics, image processing tips, wildlife tips, or just plain old facts about succeeding on photo safaris. Brent had the 2013 California Wildlife Photo of the Year. His images have been published throughout the United States and in a number of foreign countries including Canada, Germany, and Switzerland.  He has had approximately 1100 publication credits and over 700 commercial image sales as well as 28 published articles and 10 Magazine Covers.  Besides magazines and newspapers, his images have appeared in books, online magazines, business brochures, product packaging, professional reports, roadside billboards, nature guides, government reports and brochures, magazine advertising, and in calendars, on credit cards, etc.

Brent was born in 1959 in Redwood City, and raised in Gilroy, California. His family camped each summer in Yosemite National Park or at Lake Tahoe and spent countless hours exploring the California coast and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.



Photo: Gary Kunkel

During his senior year at BYU he and a friend made a trip to Yellowstone National Park in September 1985.  That trip led to his first published article and published photos and a re-awakening of his adventures as a youth in California.  From that point on he was determined to create a life for himself in nature in the western United States, through photography and by writing about all he saw and discovered.

After more than a decade of shooting freelance for magazines he ventured into portrait photography.  His strengths as a portrait photographer come from understanding light, composition, and balance – skills he learned as a nature photographer.  He spends most of his time leading photo safaris around the west and teaching photography in 22 cities in California, still does some commercial photography, and actively sells his images as stock and fine art.

Find out more about Brent Paull at his website

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